Model: RN-1606-N


The 16” x 8” shower niche creates a sleek and thin vertical shelf in your shower. This shelf installs flush with your wall and makes it easy to store all of your shower needs such as soaps and shampoos without the need for an external shelf that ruins your bathroom décor. Our niches have a textured design to make it easy to tile over and they are extremely easy to install. Apollo shower niches don’t leak and don’t collect rust and mildew. No need for expensive custom built shower niches – just use an Apollo prefabricated niche. These shelves are made from eco-friendly materials that don’t harm the environment.

To help you through the installation process, we have provided the following Installation Guide which is intended to provide an easy way for the installation of our Shower Niche whether you're a professional or a first time novice. Please remember to comply with the recommendations and standards established for such projects from time to time.

Installation Instructions for Eco-Green Shower Niche:

First, we describe how to fix the niche:

  • 1) In an existing finished wall.
  • 2) In a newly constructed wall

Second we detail the rest of the steps:

Installing horizontal framing, screwing the niche into the framing, installing the drywall (or backer board for a shower) around the niche.

Waterproofing the gap between the niche flange and the backer board with a bead of silicon

Tiling the niche and wall.

  1. Fixing the Niche into an existing finished wall (if new construction, just skip to paragraph 2):
    • Locate and mark the center of adjacent framing studs using a stud finder or by tapping the wall
    • Draw a level line between the two wall studs
    • Place the niche between the two marked studs with the flange wall flush against the wall and trace the outline of the niche on the wall. Be sure the top and bottom lines are level
    • Cut out the wall board along the traced lines between the two studs using a drywall saw and utility knife
  2. Measure the distance between the vertical studs
  3. Measure and cut top and bottom horizontal support framing to a length which permits each to run between and to be fastened to both vertical studs
  4. Add a continuous bead of adhesive caulk on the back of mounting flange and secure it to the wall cavity with supplied wall fasteners.(Galvanized roofing nails may be substituted). A power screwdriver may be used if a low resistance setting is available, otherwise, tighten all fasteners by hand and don't over tighten!
  5. Thickness of mounting flange should be minimized to provide a flush wall surface for the finish tile. In some substrates, you may be able to grind the perimeter of the cut-out for the width and depth of the mounting flange prior to unit installation.
  6. Take 100% waterproofing silicon and seal the gap between the wall board and Niche and each of the screw holes
  7. Now apply your setting material and set your tile, marble or stone directly to shower Niche

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